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Sagar’s cousin Srikanth raised Rs. 2,50,000 in one week’s time for Sagar’s emergency treatment.

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What is Crowdfunding?

Goodclap is a platform where anyone with a genuine need can raise funds.

For example - you can start a campaign for your loved ones medical treatment.

On Goodclap, many people come together for a single cause and help fund it. They can be your friends, family or colleagues.

The best part is, via various social media your campaign can reach people who are not known to you and they can become contributors. 


You can crowdfund in 4 easy steps

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Set up a campaign by clicking here

Reach out and market your campaign

Get contributions from known and anonymous sources

Get funds and save your loved ones

Who can Crowdfund?

YOU can crowdfund on Goodclap - for medical treatment cause, education cause, or any other genuine cause. 


Goodclap gives you the platform to launch your campaign and raise funds. By crowdfunding on Goodclap you can avoid taking loans and avoid other means of lending. In crowdfunding the contributors donate without expecting a return.​​


All you have to do is, spread the word about the campaign via all modes of communication.​


Donors can be anyone from your friends, family, colleagues and anonymous people.

Why Goodclap?


Hassle free campaign setup in 10 minutes


Dedicated Account Manager assigned to you


Social Media campaign support


International payments (180 Payment Methods accepted)

What campaigners said about Goodclap


Venu Kumar

Campaigned for his baby

“I was helpless and distressed looking at my baby, but the moment people started donating to help my baby, my faith in God and humanity has been restored. Thank you so much for Goodclap’s quick response and to all the contributors.”



Campaigned for his Brother

“My brother was in a coma and we were helpless, we approached Goodclap for help and in no time the campaign was up. I can’t thank the 149 contributors and Goodclap enough for the kind of support they extended. My brother’s life is indebted to these people with heart.”



Campaigned for her Education

“I am very happy to be able to complete my 10th class education, all thanks to the campaigner and contributors on Goodclap.”

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